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  • Wonderslate
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  • Complete brand
    ideation, branding
    strategy, UI/UX
    ideation & design

Collaborative study made easy.

Wonderslate develops and collects study materials for children undergoing primary and secondary education. It is a platform where teachers, students and parents can connect and collaborate with each other.



  • The logo of Wonderslate was developed from its old draft of a butterfly signifying metamorphosis. Taking cue from its nature of service, the logo was reimagined and developed as two books forming the butterfly entity.
  • The logo is clean, modern and minimalist representing the nature of the business. The font is sleek and legible and unintimidating.



The first version UX and UI for the Wonderslate website was developed in sync with its brand character. It is clean, easy to use and friendly in appearence.
The colour palette was derived from the logo colours and the images were chosen accentuate the focussed and good-natured character of the brand.


  • he app UI for Wonderslate was developed with a similar sense aesthetics and functionality.
    It was developed specifically keeping kids in mind. So, bigger buttons, clear instructions and easy navigation flow were given utmost importance.
    The final look was a friendly helpful app that the children can refer to for study materials and educational help.