• Client
  • Vidbits
  • Role
  • Information Architecture Design, UI/UX Ideation & Design, Typography

Bite sized videos,
big sized impact.

Vidbits is an app concept that was developed for one of the leading mobile advertising companies and it showcased D-Com or Discovery Commerce . Similar to the video content apps like Vines and Snapchat Discovery, Vidbits showcases a daily collection of 60 second videos. After the video is played, relevant products are showcased and retail cycle can be engaged from thereafter.

UI Design

  • The app logo of Vidbits was developed from the icon of a video play. The concept was that of bite sized videos forming a larger viewing experience and the letter “V”.


  • The target users for the app was 18-24. So the design and the UX was developed around the need of the millenials. Innovative video user controls, sleek animation and transitions, typography and iconography were designed carefully not to alienate the user group. The tone of voice for the app was conceptualized along with the content quality. The app development involved high levels of research, UX deep dives and innovating new user beahviour.