• Client
  • Fuel A Dream
  • Role
  • Complete brand development, ideation, branding strategy, film-direction, UI/UX ideation & design, copywriting

Building the smart mammoth.

Fuel A Dream is a crowdfunding platform that is aiming to be the largest platform in its sector in India. This brand was developed from ground up, starting from its brand identity to its UI/UX and social advertising. Working on both offline and online medium, FuelADream was given a unique and refreshing look to make it clutter breaking and impactful to its users.



  • The logo of FuelADream was developed from its belief in the power of greatness. An elephant, who is gigantic and gentle is an universal symbol of restrained power. And the ‘Giving Hand’ represents the power of goodness.
  • The logomark was developed to connote the idea of crowdfunding through a transparent, well-grounded and smart platform that enables every participant to realize their dream.


  • The brand language of Fuel A Dream in terms of design has been carried out through each and every piece of its elements; handbooks, apparels, posters, web design all have played an active part in giving this brand a unique and clutter-breaking look.


  • The UX of FuelADream.com have been designed keeping the users on the front seat. The project owners, the funders and the explorers are the primary users of the platform and the UX has been developed keeping each of them in mind.
  • The UI or the web design have been developed to make the website look clean, clutter-free and following the illustrative style of the brand.

Social Elements

  • The advertising campaign of Fuel A Dream has been kept clean and minimalist to make it look fresh and clutter-breaking. The tone of voice is warm and wise, like the words of a fabled elephant. Every element of this brand has been designed to reinforce the entity that Fuel A Dream is, and will be in the foreseeable future.